A New Furry Feline

Hello my fellow finders!

So today was the day we got our new cat, whom we decided to name Ginger instead of Chloe. She surprisingly looks a lot like Fiona: orange tabby, big eyes. Only she’s bigger and older. So when I came home after a wonderful day at Luray Caverns (if you live near, you should definitely visit) I found Ginger hissing at Fiona! She still is as I write this. It actually surprised me because when we first introduced Fiona to Bella, Fiona hissed. Hopefully, these two will get along. I know it takes timefor cats to get used to each other. I have pictures of Bella and Fiona, but I’m still waiting on a photo of Ginger. I’ll get that as soon as I can! 

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With furry regards,

KikiImageThis is Fiona









ImageThis is Bella

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