What You’ve Missed Out On…

Hello my fellow finders!

So, it has been a while since I first wrote, and that’s because I kinda gave up hope that this blog would get anywhere. But I am not going to give up!

Anyway, it’s FINALLY summer (well, it has been for over a month), and I’ve been busy! I just got back from a Dude Ranch in eastern Tennessee, and a few days before that, a two week summer camp! Yeah, it has been a little crazy, but I have been loving it.

So I do have some sad news: I told you about my cat, Jenny. I actually forgot to mention names, but my two cats were Jenny and Bella. Well, she sadly passed away a few weeks ago. But, we did get a new kitten named Fiona! She’s about ten weeks old, and she’s the most curious and playful tabby I know. We’re also getting another cat tomorrow named Chloe, who is about a year old, so I’m very excited!

Besides that, nothing much has really happened. Please comment, and like this post so I can have the encouragement to write more!

With Furry Regards,


1 thought on “What You’ve Missed Out On…

  1. I also have a cat named Chloe, but he passed away last year. We replaced him with a new one–the same breed, siamese cat–but he still can’t replace Chloe. Anyway, hope you have fun with your new kitties. I’d like to see their photos. 🙂

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