Roller Coaster Adventure!

Hello my fellow followers!

Today was a great day for me. I went to Kings Dominion with my little sister, which is located in Doswell, Virginia. This was at least the 10th time I’d ever gone, but I love it. I’m a huge roller coaster fan, so I rode all of the “aggressive thrill rides.” It was really awesome, and I encourage you to go there if you live nearby.

While there, I split from the group I went with to go with two of my other friends. We decided to play a few of the games that eat up your money. One of them was a game where you had to climb up a ladder about seven feet long. But this was the kind of ladder that is connected at one spot on each side, making it very difficult to balance on. Well, fifteen dollars and five attempts later, I walked away with a giant lemur (or is it a raccoon? I’m not sure.)

Anyway, I came home to find Ginger still hissing and growling at Fiona. Hopefully, this won’t last too long. They do seem to be playing well together.

Please like this post and feel free to comment telling me which is your favorite roller coaster (it can be from anywhere!)

With Furry Regards,


1 thought on “Roller Coaster Adventure!

  1. A long time ago there was a small amusement park at a lake about half an hour from my home. They had an old wooden roller coaster – not super high by today’s standards (and frankly, not super sturdy either). I think what I love about wooden coasters is the noise – all that clackety-clack adds to the experience.

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