Arcade Madness and Cat Playtime!

Hello my fellow followers!

So today, I went to Dave and Busters (for those of you that don’t know what that is, it is the grown up version of Chuck E Cheese’s.) Even though I’ve been a dozen or so times, it is always a lot of fun and I enjoy playing the games., up until one point that just made me upset.

Some of you may know of a arcade game called Stackers, where you stack light blocks to try to win prizes or tickets. I had my eyes on an Xbox 360, something I have wanted for a long time, and I assumed that since it was in the prize selection in the game, that I could win it. Well, I did win the major prize and got very excited, but I found that instead of a prize or ticket selection, I was given tickets. Confused, I found out that those prizes were not given out if you won. It was just a promotion to waste your money and get more tickets. 

I won that game TWICE today, and couldn’t get an Xbox. I think that it was really unfair. It really put me in a little bit of a bad mood, but I hope to win my Xbox eventually. Anyway, I did have a lot of fun besides that, and I encourage you to go to Dave and Busters if there is one near you.

I haven’t written about my cats in a bit, so I will now. Fiona and Ginger very slowly starting to get a along. There is still growling and hissing, but it does take about a week or so for cats to get along. I love these two because they’re so playful, and I never really got to play with Jenny because she was an old cat. Both Ginger and Fiona think that it’s a good idea to jump up on my bed and wake me up about an hour after I fell asleep, but I’m kinda used to it now.

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With Furry Regards,





PS: Here is Ginger! I know she does look a lot like Fiona, but they’re different.

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