Go Karting and Cat Fun!

Hello my fellow followers!

I’m sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I was just in a mood where I didn’t feel like writing. Anyway, on Thursday, I went Go Karting. I’d never been, but I had never felt so alive! The Go Karts that they had went up to 40 miles per hour, and I raced around the track as fast as I could, trying to get the best lap time. It was really a great experience, and I encourage you to unleash your wild side and try it.

Now, onto a different topic. My cats are driving me a little crazy. Fiona and Ginger are staying in my room because we’re renovating our house, and my other cat, Bella, has a contagious eye infection (she’ll be fine.) Ginger is still giving me trouble at night, and now, I sleep on the sofa in my room. But they’re kittens, so it’s not entirely their fault. 

I’m very excited about an upcoming trip for me. I am going the the Great Wolf Lodge for at least the dozenth time in Charlotte, NC. I’ve never been to this location, and it’s only for one night, but I’m very excited. One of the reasons is because there is an arcade there, and if you read my post about Dave and Buster’s, then you’ll know that I’m hoping that there is a Stackers game there. But the water park is what I’m most looking forward to.

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With Furry Regards,


2 thoughts on “Go Karting and Cat Fun!

  1. Hi Kiki-
    Mom sent me the link to your blog. It’s nice that you are writing about your love of life and cats. The pesky kittens will adjust and relax hopefully in time for you to get some shut eye before NCS starts in the fall.

  2. There is a water park in the middle of Wisconsin that not only has a small go-cart track in the center, but (at least the last time I went, probably twenty years ago) a motor boat version. It was a huge pool with small boats – really just a seat mounted on a float with an outboard motor – that you could drive around the pool. Not quite 40 mph, but a lot of fun.

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