The Start of the Holidays

Hello my fellow followers!

It is finally December, and being the childish-like person I am, I am getting hyped about Christmas. Of course, any time I mention Christmas around my dad, he just grumbles. He thinks it’s too early, but it’s already December, so why not.

We do not have a Christmas tree yet, but we plan to get ours this weekend. That’s because my grandmother is coming to visit next weekend. I always enjoy her visits, so I can’t wait!

On Monday, I got a laser pointer for the kittens, and they absolutely LOVE it. All I have to do is wave it around and the kittens will run up the walls for it. Ginger, the more feisty of the two, is especially fond of the laser. In fact, she chased it so much, that she started panting like a dog. I now have to be a bit more careful about how long they play with it.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Have a good rest of the week!

With furry regards,


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