Singing Madness!

Hello my fellow followers!

Yesterday, I had a lot of singing I had to do. First, it was the annual evensong at the National Cathedral that has all of the choirs from Church related schools come together to sing (the whole thing is called the Mid-Atlantic Episcopal Schools Association.) It was a lot of fun for me, because we were singing some pieces I am quite fond of, but there were some many kids! I’m not the best with large crowds, so it was a bit of a struggle for me. Also, the milk I had had at breakfast that morning was not agreeing with me. Well, I managed to pull through, and I’m glad I did. However, right after the service, we had to jump onto a bus and drive out to Rockville for a recording session. We had the honor of recording a Chorus bit from an opera called “Oh My Son.” It was fun, mostly because we were in this big and fancy recording room, but I also loved the piece we were singing. 

Well, that’s all that new for me!

With furry regards,


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