Long Time, No See…

Hello my Fellow Followers!
With the combination of Spring Break and school, I hadn’t found a good time to write a new post (until now, of course!) I had a wonderful Spring Break, which was at the end of school. I went to Florida to see my Grandparents and close friends, and I spent a lot of the time at the beach. Yes, it was wonderful break from all of the endless cold we had before that in D.C. Luckily for me, I didn’t get sunburned (almost) and I came back to school with a nice tan!

I was also able to have a bit of a celebrity encounter over my Spring Break. While on my plane to Florida, I was able to meet a man named Toby Turner (a famous Youtuber who goes by the name of Tobuscus.) Now, being the huge fangirl that I am, just HAD to say hi, since he was sitting really close to my seat. It took some guts, but I was able to say hi and get a picture with him. It was a chance encounter, and it only lasted about 10 seconds, but it was probably the greatest moment of my Spring Break.

Now, Easter time approaches, and Choir duty awaits. Since the girls alternate special services with the boys, I won’t have as much of a load on my back as last year. However, Next week will be a wild one. If you’re in D.C, you should definitely go to the Cathedral and hear the choir (I’ll be there…)

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment!

With furry regards,


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