School and Stuff…

Hello my fellow followers!

Sorry for the long wait. School has just been consuming my life, and I’ve been finding it hard to find any time to just relax and write a blog post. But here I am! Anyway, last Friday was my kitten Ginger’s first birthday. Of course, we showered her with extra cat treats and pets, while Fiona (who turns one in two weeks) quietly watched from a distance. Both of them have a terrible addiction to these tuna cat treats that we bought a few weeks ago, so every morning now I’m greeted with big eyes and meows that probably translate into “Please feed me!”

Well, getting back to school and such. Summer is very slowly approaching, and I only have just over a month of school left. Of course, there’s finals, plenty of last minute projects, and the dreaded final report cards standing in my way. Let’s just hope it all goes by quickly, because I have a great summer planned!

Well, thanks for reading, and be sure to tell me what you think!

With furry regards,


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